Succulent Smoked Duck

Went to visit Euphemia and blow me she had the most excellent smoked Duck as a little appetiser … So I sat on her until she wrote the recipe down…Here it is below:

Glad you enjoyed my smoked offerings Muriel! – what one can do with a wok!

She did had a lovely little pickle to go with it, some salad leaves and crusty bread…

Yet again a heavenly feast… we ate well!! Have a good week peeps. Muriel x

OOOoo yes and a tiny glass of vino…


  • Difficulty: Easy



Line the said wok with tinfoil and heat half pound of tea of your choice with 2 ozs sugar and 4 oz of rice (Must check that- I did and it,s right!) I used a jasminey type brew and dark brown sugar – I did marinate the duck in Chinese type spices and salt – I think the word’s cured – not quite au fait with this smoking jargon – yet! Then just patted it a bit dry (the duck that is) and popped it in a terribly hot frying pan to extract as much fat from the skin as poss. to be used at a later date for heavenly roasters ( you know me dear -waste not want not) then pop it on a trivet also covered put the lid on and seal it as much as possible then fire it up for about ten minutes keep the lid on for a while then cool and slice very thinly – I like to serve it with a small salad including something fruity and some walnuts – yums!