Macmillion Fast Scallops

Recipe Corner: By Muriel sent to her great chum and fellow foodie Euphemia.

I was having a bit of a clear-out of the dread deep freeze – eek, I hear you say! And found this prehistoric, ice-age type ‘Object trouve’ – hidden in the bowels and thought, “What on earth can that be??!

When said ice-berg was defrosted you can imagine my delight; it was the “Food hero, MacMillion’s Scallops!” BINGO! JACKPOT!

In ten mins you get something that you couldn’t get in a restaurant!! Also found a couple of slices of bread lingering about – Guess what – YES I made melba toast!! A bit passé and 70′s but who cares – That’s the freezer a bit emptier and me a bit fuller!!


  • Difficulty: Easy


  • 1 pack succulent scallops (6 Big ones!)
  • A certain amount of parsley – That was rescued from a “Nearly past it!” situation. So satisfying to use it up!
  • 1 big garlic clove – chopped
  • A good slosh of vino calapso – white
  • Cream – left over from pate making – I think?
  • Rasher of bacon** – found this in freezer too all wrapped up – one rasher!! I must be losing my mind!
  • Tarragon
  • OODLES of black pepper
  • **If you are a pescatorian – Bacon need not be added! We aim to please!!


Rinse Scallops (Don’t soak – I know you know that dear!)

Heat a pan with a nob (great word! Should it have a ‘K’  – nob – I mean?) of butter and squirt of olive oil – not tooo hot – chop the rasher and introduce it to the pan fry till quite crispy – then in go the scallops – press them down into the pan 2mins – long enough – not that I have ever timed this!!

When they are slightly caramel turn the scallops- press down again and add the garlic and tarragon, black pep and white wine … I popped some in the pan and some down my throat – very satisfactory! – 2 more mins then take the scallops out and put somewhere warm and cosy – add the cream to the pan and stir quite hard until sauce is thickened and at this point add the chopped parsley.

Pop scallops into a warm dish and throw sauce over with abandon. Salt and pepper to taste…