Luscious Smoked Chowder

As promised dear reader another little concoction for you…

Luscious Smoked Chowder – A hearty lunch with special friends (A special lunch with hearty friends?!)…Or anyone really.. But it is better if you like them…
(with Royally roasted salmon and moules mentales topped off with a little of the Big kipper)

Feeling hungry now and have a breakfast meeting (get me!) So must dash… more of the same – but different – next week…Have a good one.



  • Difficulty: Easy



To make 2 pints -

Cook one Big kipper in the oven with a (K) nob (that great word again..) of butter (15mins)- Open a tub (280 ml)of the wonderful moules and use the smoked oil to Sauté 1 onion, 1 leek, A good handful of chopped celery – including the leaves, 2 good sized garlic cloves and Tsp of Tarragon. When onion transparent add a little flour to bind then cook through – add a good pint of stock (I made my own with fish bits & bobs and vegetable peelings – otherwise there are very good stock pots – fish/vegetable- available) stir in with a cup of milk and a generous glass of a medium/dry white wine. Cook the mixture through, stirring occasionally. Peel a couple of medium waxy potatoes and dice – cook them in a separate pan until the bone is nearly out and drain. open a tin of tomatoes and squeeze them through your fingers (Very strange sensation!) into the soup to get rid of core etc..(you can de-seed and peel your own – if you have time). Finely dice half a green and half a red pepper and leave to one side. Cut or flake approx 200 g of the royally roasted and cut the mussels in half (Or keep them whole – for a real chunky monkey..not that it has a monkey in it!). Add the potatoes to the soup bring to a simmer then add the mussels, roasted salmon and peppers – add salt (sparingly and only if needed), ground pepper and a squeeze of lemon and lime to taste. Dish up in a plain white bowl decorate with a good swirl of cream, chopped parsley and small flakes of the Big Kipper.