Hot Smoked Salmon and Tag

Dear Euphemia,

I am tackling the modren email – yet again – to tell you about a very simple “Tagliatelle” meal I produced last evening…
We finished our rehearsal late – you of all people know what it is like finishing late… One really doesn’t like overexerting oneself at that time of night, does one?

Serve in a nice warmed bowl with some toasty crusty bread – if you have any to hand. (I didn’t – But didn’t miss it!


  • Difficulty: Easy


  • Tagliattelle – 2 nests (not homemade I’m afraid – ooo dear!!)
  • Syboes x2
  • An old piece of Parmesan (or whatever we have to call it now..)
  • Small end piece of the delicious Hot Roast Smoked Salmon – gently flaked. (MacMillions)
  • Fresh chopped parsley (A certain amount – pud spoon?)
  • Small tomatoes x 2
  • Fresh spinach – a little, in the case of spinach, doesn’t go a long way. So a good handful!
  • End of a tub of cream (Previously used for something else – I forget what!)
  • That delicious tomato paste – the sun dried tomato one.. forgotten name…But it is a bit of a find I must say…. X 2 T spoons


Well now – all I did was…

Boiling water – pop in the Tag – usual drop of oil and salt. Boil until al dente.. (Just keep tasting it! – Would you reckon about 5 mins or so..?)

Then in my “mini-wok” – (I know you have one too) Sauté the syboes add in the Lardons (posh bacon!) & cook in the fresh spinach. When cooked through add in the Toms, paste, parsley, Flaky fish and anything else I might have forgotten!!)

Pop the Tag (drained of course!) into the mixture turning it gently with a spoon then finish with the Cream and Parmesan. S&P to taste…

Just a thought, my dear, a bit of garlic, tarragon… splosh of vino – might be good – although they might take away the delicacy of the spinach – a great favourite of mine and jolly good for you! Also you don’t need to pop the posh lardons in – if you are a fish only kinda person… although I do think that bacon goes quite well with fishy delights….Just my opinion… of course!!