Haddockissima Risotto

This is another little recipe on the smoked haddock theme…..Well done and thank you Euphemia!

Haddockissima Risotto – (usual Risotto recipe – won’t patronise by telling you how to make that!) to which I would add a little pancetta, freshly grated parmesan, a few fennel seeds .It will be a different fish next week!! Although there is a kipper mentioned.

Catch up next week. Muriel


  • Difficulty: Easy



Pop a portion in a little ramekin and upturn on a bed of greens and garnish with favourite herb -also lovely cold mixed with mayonnaise (homemade of course) oh I am a purist (sometimes) Nearly forgot – garnish original recipe with oodles of parsley While on the subject I’ll slip in A Wee ‘Quickie’ marinate for the superb Smoked Haddock ( or incidentally the Famous Kintyre Kipper) in a mixture of lemon juice, lots of pepper (olive oil to taste if you like things oily) and perhaps a bit of tarragon or dill. Pop it in the fridge overnight to be served next day sliced like smoked salmon with some good brown bread…..oh I could go on but no I shall curb my enthusiasm for once.