Extra Special Smoked Haddock Kedgeree

Euphemia’s recipe for Macmillions “Special” or should I say “EXTRA” special smoked haddock un-died but still a glorious burnished ochre (oaker) This kedgeree is nothing short of splendiferous….Great for a high tea situation or a lazy Sunday Brunch…Hot crusty bread… pot of tea…

Suffice to say… Delish!!


  • Difficulty: Easy



Some pieces of the said wonderfish poached in a little milk or 2/3 minutes medium in a microwave with a knob of butter (Don’t usually advocate cooking in one of them but it’s actually rather handy for this if you get it right. People are in such a hurry nowadays so this is my version of fast food – really just sort of poaching it?) Anyway hard boil a couple of Unity’s grandiose duck eggs, (to be found at MacMillion’s Fish shop.. although any nice duck egg will do the trick!) then chop or for a touch of refinement I sometimes grate mine’ cook your rice (basmati or brown, your choice) I like to add a little fried onion (or leek or spring onion but not garlic for this recipe) to this I add some curry spices, a few sultanas and a spoonful mango chutney-a delight if that’s your mood for the day.