Euphemia’s ‘Quickie’ Marinate for the Macmillion’s Superb Smoked Haddock

(or incidentally the Famous Kintyre Kipper)

This is a lovely simple and inexpensive way of serving Smoked Haddock..impress your friends with this delight served on an open sandwich ..lovely salad etc.. to accompany a steaming bowl of soup!

Thank you Eu – once again a stunning idea.. quick and easy which is what we like… don’t we girls and, of course, boys….

All for now – have a good week!



  • Difficulty: Easy



In a mixture of lemon juice, lots of pepper (olive oil to taste if you like things oily) and perhaps a bit of tarragon or dill and garlic… if you like things garlicy? Pop it in the fridge overnight to be served next day sliced like smoked salmon with some good brown bread…..oh I could go on.. but, no, I shall curb my enthusiasm for once.