Captain Mac’s Marvellous Maccheese

The Muckle Truckle – a great favourite of mine can be utilised in so many ways. This is it and a great one if kiddies are coming to tea (what .. not a normal occurrence??)

I call it Captain Mac’s Marvellous MacCheese . I like to use the oaksmoked for this one (black wax)

Thank you Euphemia… once more a lovely simple recipe! Just a question.. Does one put more or less springbank in – if the Kiddies are coming to tea??
All for now – more next week!!

Enjoy, Muriel


  • Difficulty: Easy



Boil your macaroni or bows, spirals or whatever with a couple of finely chopped shallots. Prepare you Bechamel sauce as you would adding multitudes of muckle truckle (grated of course)and a good hearty spoonful of nice seedy mustard, add drained pasta stirring it all into an unctuous melange and then pop into an ashet or similar. Top it with more of the fave truckle, sliced tomato, some homemade breadcrumbs and pop it in the oven to crisp the top. I know it,s simple but sooooooooo special. Another goodie is of course A RARE BIT FROM KINTYRE - again almost self explanatory – favourite truckle again but the addition of a wee dram of Springbank makes it fit for a king (or queen). Definitely has roots in its Welsh Cousin but infinitely more superior.