• Euphemia’s ‘Quickie’ Marinate for the Macmillion’s Superb Smoked Haddock

    (or incidentally the Famous Kintyre Kipper)

    This is a lovely simple and inexpensive way of serving Smoked Haddock..impress your friends with this delight served on an open sandwich ..lovely salad etc.. to accompany a steaming bowl of soup!

    Thank you Eu – once again a stunning idea.. quick and easy which is what we like… don’t we girls and, of course, boys….

    All for now – have a good week!


    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Little (wee) Deep Fried Quals Eggs or Baby Kintyre Eggs (Cocktail Version)

    Well here we go…. With Christmas coming up… just the job….

    While I’m at it, remember the wild garlic pesto I did in the first book, well foraging to the fore this summer…just about ate the garden out of weeds.

    Well thank you Euphemia… conjures up quite a picture, does it not dear reader?… well I suppose it saves on weedkiller and lawn-mowing.. something for the spring – nettle pesto! Hey Presto I say!!

    Bye for now and hope you enjoy,

    Muriel x

    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Luscious Smoked Chowder

    As promised dear reader another little concoction for you…

    Luscious Smoked Chowder – A hearty lunch with special friends (A special lunch with hearty friends?!)…Or anyone really.. But it is better if you like them…
    (with Royally roasted salmon and moules mentales topped off with a little of the Big kipper)

    Feeling hungry now and have a breakfast meeting (get me!) So must dash… more of the same – but different – next week…Have a good one.


    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Captain Mac’s Marvellous Maccheese

    The Muckle Truckle – a great favourite of mine can be utilised in so many ways. This is it and a great one if kiddies are coming to tea (what .. not a normal occurrence??)

    I call it Captain Mac’s Marvellous MacCheese . I like to use the oaksmoked for this one (black wax)

    Thank you Euphemia… once more a lovely simple recipe! Just a question.. Does one put more or less springbank in – if the Kiddies are coming to tea??
    All for now – more next week!!

    Enjoy, Muriel

    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Haddockissima Risotto

    This is another little recipe on the smoked haddock theme…..Well done and thank you Euphemia!

    Haddockissima Risotto – (usual Risotto recipe – won’t patronise by telling you how to make that!) to which I would add a little pancetta, freshly grated parmesan, a few fennel seeds .It will be a different fish next week!! Although there is a kipper mentioned.

    Catch up next week. Muriel

    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Roasted Salmon Rice

    A quick and easy recipe for those in a hurry… but with a filling, delicious taste!

    A wok is preferable but if you haven’t one to hand a deep frying pan will do. Cooking time is approx. 10-15 minutes (excluding cooking the rice) and will feed about 4 people.

    • Serves: 4
    • Cooking Time: 15 minutes
    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Extra Special Smoked Haddock Kedgeree

    Euphemia’s recipe for Macmillions “Special” or should I say “EXTRA” special smoked haddock un-died but still a glorious burnished ochre (oaker) This kedgeree is nothing short of splendiferous….Great for a high tea situation or a lazy Sunday Brunch…Hot crusty bread… pot of tea…

    Suffice to say… Delish!!

    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Succulent Smoked Duck

    Went to visit Euphemia and blow me she had the most excellent smoked Duck as a little appetiser … So I sat on her until she wrote the recipe down…Here it is below:

    Glad you enjoyed my smoked offerings Muriel! – what one can do with a wok!

    She did had a lovely little pickle to go with it, some salad leaves and crusty bread…

    Yet again a heavenly feast… we ate well!! Have a good week peeps. Muriel x

    OOOoo yes and a tiny glass of vino…

    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Hot Smoked Salmon and Tag

    Dear Euphemia,

    I am tackling the modren email – yet again – to tell you about a very simple “Tagliatelle” meal I produced last evening…
    We finished our rehearsal late – you of all people know what it is like finishing late… One really doesn’t like overexerting oneself at that time of night, does one?

    Serve in a nice warmed bowl with some toasty crusty bread – if you have any to hand. (I didn’t – But didn’t miss it!

    • Difficulty: Easy
  • Macmillion Fast Scallops

    Recipe Corner: By Muriel sent to her great chum and fellow foodie Euphemia.

    I was having a bit of a clear-out of the dread deep freeze – eek, I hear you say! And found this prehistoric, ice-age type ‘Object trouve’ – hidden in the bowels and thought, “What on earth can that be??!

    When said ice-berg was defrosted you can imagine my delight; it was the “Food hero, MacMillion’s Scallops!” BINGO! JACKPOT!

    In ten mins you get something that you couldn’t get in a restaurant!! Also found a couple of slices of bread lingering about – Guess what – YES I made melba toast!! A bit passé and 70′s but who cares – That’s the freezer a bit emptier and me a bit fuller!!

    • Difficulty: Easy