Smoked Halibut (variable weights)


This is, indeed, a feast for the ‘top table!’

From the warmed seas, that are the west coast of Kintyre, we bring you Halibut.. Both fresh and smoked in our kilns. This fish has a smooth, silky, firm texture, adaptable and amenable to many a recipe (both fresh and smoked have to be cooked..unless you go Sushi!) Present this at your banquet and you will be a host/ess supreme. Enjoy!

Price is per Kg.
Prices start from approx. 200g fillets. If you require less than 1Kg please ring the Kintyre Smokehouse (01586 553580) and place your order.

We will not be getting halibut until April 2017. Please ring the Kintyre Smokehouse (01586 553580) to check and see if we have any back in stock.