Kintyre Smokehouse The Kintyre Smokehouse was born from one man’s absolute passion for producing fine smoked Scottish seafood and cheese.  Founder, Archie Macmillan of Macmillan Foods, magically turned what was once an old dilapidated kipper house, into something really quite extraordinary.

FishermanArchie’s uncanny flair for dreaming up beautiful unique recipes and turning them into wonderful creations could be mistaken by many as some form of gastronomic alchemy.  Married with his high degree of technical and engineering expertise, the quality and succulent taste of the product range are a clear result of Archie’s 50 plus years of experience and absolute dedication to the Scottish seafood industry.
A friendly and dedicated team works closely with one another to perfect the succulent flavours found in each selection, often working round the clock to ensure tight production deadlines are met when demands are high.

Today, Macmillan Foods boasts some of the finest smoked seafood and cheese delicacies found in Scotland and arguably, the world.