New Products for Christmas 2014 at the Kintyre Smokehouse

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The Kintyre Smokehouse is proud to bring our customers two new products for this Christmas 2014: Fresh and Smoked Halibut and Right Royal Pate!

The Fresh and Smoked Halibut comes from the award-winning halibut from Gigha, and is hand-smoked within our kilns at the smokehouse. Prices are per Kg, start from approx. 200g a fillet and are subject to availability. (If you wish to order less than 1Kg of the halibut, please ring the Kintyre Smokehouse (01586 553580) and place your order)
The Right Royal Pate comes in handy 125g tubs as well as 180g tubs and uses our very own Royally Roasted salmon blended with other ingredients to create this delightfully delicious pate.

As the halibut gets packaged there will be more photos placed up on the website as well as our facebook page, so stay tuned!